Resume Formats

If you think all resumes are the same, you probably haven’t prepared one since high school. In the United States alone there are at least 100 different formats for resumes. The most basic formats are the chronological and functional resumes. Combining the two we can create a third format – the chronological/functional blend. Beyond these formats, there are at least 100 different variations of resumes.

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The functional resume is normally used to downplay an unusual work history. The functional resume showcases your skills, experience, and accomplishments rather than your chronological work history. If you have an unexplained gap in your employment history, the functional resume might be your best choice. If your work history includes several short-term jobs, the functional resume would probably work best for you.

The chronological resume is the most common. The chronological resume works best for those who have a solid work history at no more than 3 or 4 jobs. Your employment history is listed in chronological order, starting with your most recent job.

The combination resume format is a blend of the functional and chronological formats. Most often your skills, experience, and accomplishments are listed first. Depending on the strength of your work history, it would either be included immediately after the skills section or last on the resume. Most of the resume samples below utilize the combination format.

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Alexandria Format
Alpine Format
Ambition Format
American Standard Format
Ashley Queen Format
Aspiration Format
Attention Format
Barcelona Format
Berkeley Format
Berlin Thumb
Bostonian Format
Cairo Format

Carnegie Format
Claremont Format
Colorado Format
Columbia Format
Cornell Format
Dartmouth Format
Duke Format
Electronic Resume Format 1
Electronic Resume Format 2
Electronic Resume Format 3
Georgetown Format
Harvard Format
Highlight Format
Houston Format
Impression Format
Indianapolis Format
Julliard Format
Lincoln Format
Los Angeles Format
Louisville Format
Madison Format
Metropolitan Format
Miami Format
Nashville Format
New York Format
Notre Dame Format
Princeton Format
San Diego Format
Santa Barbara Format
Talisman Format
Taylor Format
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