Basic Resume Templates

Our free resume templates are completely customizable. Most of the templates are our own design. There are a few dozen free resume templates available online, but most of them suck. A few were created in late 90s. Would you really want to talk into a job interview with a resume from a template created nearly two decades ago? Most of our free resume templates were created in 2014, not 1994.

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The resume templates below follow the basic format. We also offer functional resume templates as well as chronological resume templates. For specific job resumes, visit our Professional Resume Templates web page. The details page for each template includes an image as well as specifics for the particular resume.

The resume templates below are basic designs. For resume templates for specific jobs, check out our Professional Resumes web page.

Basic Resume #1

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Basic Resume #2

Basic Resume #3

Basic Resume #4

Recent College Graduate Resume

Themed Resume Apothecary

Themed Resume Black Tie

Themed Resume Equity

Themed Resume Essential

Themed Resume Executive

Themed Resume Median

Themed Resume Oriel

Themed Resume Origin

Themed Resume Urban

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